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Featuring Cuisine A LA BIERE

From Brewers Vat to Chef's Pan ™

Regional Food & Drink is the only restaurant in Washington featuring Cuisine a la Biere. We proudly explore the use of world class brews as major flavor enhancing ingredients in the preparations of our recipes.

The Marriage of Chef’s Pan and Brewer's Vat
is R.F.D. philosophy.

Cooking with Beer
There is a growing trend in the culinary arts. Noted chefs are beginning to use beer in the preparation of their menu items. We’ve seen it in brewpub fare for a while now, but sadly too often on all fronts beer is relegated to a dipping batter or flavored mustard, vanquished to a minor supporting role.
Here at Regional Food and Drink that is not the case.

Many of our menu items use world class brews as major flavoring components in the formulation of our recipes, producing taste sensations here-to-fore unexplored. We urge home gourmets to experiment in their own kitchen!

It’s a whole brew world out there!

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R.F.D. Washington
810 7th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
Washington's Largest Multi-Tap!
Features Cuisine a la Biere

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